Integrated open software suite for quantum nanoscale modeling
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Download current release version

You can download the full DFTB+XT package as one tar.gz file.


Development version

The development version of DFTB+XT is available at GitHub

together with the experimental version of the CP2K+XT package, which can be used in combination with DFTB+XT

Installation of DFTB+XT

See the INSTALL.rst file in the source for compilation instructions. The compilation conditions are equivalent to DFTB+.


You can also use the DFTB+XT LiveDVD with the full functional version of DFTB+XT.

You can download the full DFTB+XT LiveDVD .iso image as one zip file.

New Tranas OpenSuite LiveDVD with DFTB+XT 1.02 and CP2K+XT 1.02 will appear soon.