Integrated open software suite for quantum nanoscale modeling
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At the moment not all new features are documented. We continue to work on it.
Please send your comments or questions to Dmitry A. Ryndyk (

DFTB+XT User Manual


The User Manual describes in detail the input and output structures.

TraNaS OpenSuite Guide


The TraNaS OpenSuite Guide includes overview of the methods, recipes, tutorials and examples.
It can be recommended to start the use of the package.

The guide is under development and presents the state-of-the-art version.


Tutorial materials are included now into the DFTB+XT Guide.

At the moment tutorial "Electronic Structure and Electron Transport in 2D Carbon Materials" is available. Electronic structure and transport calculations of graphene and perfect and defective carbon nanoribbons are considered. Visualization of band structures, density of states, defect wave-functions, transmission, electrostatic potential, etc.

The input files for the tutorial are placed to the /doc/dftb+/tutorial/ folder of the package.

Or you can download it as zip file.

You can try the tutorial immediately using the TraNaS OpenSuite LiveDVD.

How to cite

If you use the TraNaS OpenSuite or the DFTB+XT package for calculations and publish the results, please cite as:

TraNaS OpenSuite [1], partially based on the DFTB+ [2,3] source code

[1] Dmitry A. Ryndyk, TraNaS OpenSuite,
[2] B. Aradi, B. Hourahine and T. Frauenheim, J. Phys. Chem. A 111, 5678 (2007);
[3] A. Pecchia, G. Penazzi, L. Salvucci and A. Di Carlo, New Journal of Physics 10, 065022 (2008)

You should also cite additional publications crediting the parametrization data you use. Please consult the documentation of the SK-files for the references. Other references to the particular methods are given in the manual and in the end of the output file.